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Ref-07457 Health and Safety Checklists, Handbooks and Forms Ref-07458 Outside Documents Incorporated by Reference Ref-07846 Health and Safety Handbooks and Checklists Ref-07847 DCF Rule 65C-22.003 Training The Office issued an order granting the request made by Ark Angels Christian Preschool, Inc., for a waiver from the requirements of Rule 6M-4.620, F. C., as it relates to the height requirement of stable walls or barriers ....permanent waiver from rule 6M-4.620, F. The petition was received from Ark Angels Christian Preschool, .... as it relates to the height requirement of stable walls or barriers as adopted within the Health and Safety Handbook.This is because most cards have the expiration date printed as numbers (as defined by ISO7813), and so the correct way to format your expiration date fields is to show numbers only.This minimizes confusion and misreading because the customer can easily verify the value on their screen against the value printed on the physical card.During our usability studies we’ve observed customers needlessly struggle to decipher expiration date fields when the values are formatted differently from the credit card.The solution is of course obvious: format the expiration date values the same way they are formatted on the card. When benchmarking the top 100 e-commerce sites in the US we found that 40% formatted the expiration date fields in ways that doesn’t match the majority of credit cards out there.

Christians had little success, however, refining the practices of Saturnalia.Luckily, that also means 60% had chosen one of the two optimal ways of formatting the expiration date fields.