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A week before the party, Geoff receives a letter which, although he tries to hide it, obviously troubles him.When his wife asks him what is going on, Geoff tells her that the body of Katya, his fist great love who disappeared fifty years before in the Alps, has just been found in a melting glacier.The Bonville–Courtenay feud of 1455 engendered a series of raids, sieges, and attacks between two major Devon families, the Courtenays and the Bonvilles, in south west England, in the mid-fifteenth century.One of many such aristocratic feuds of the time, it became entwined with national politics due to the political weight of the protagonists.To account for the time that had passed, the clock reads one hour later: .(Of course the odds are 1 in 60 that it be exactly 1 hour later, but such are the elements of master strokes!It is in a conservation area and is a locally listed building.Built to replace a terrace of early-19th-century houses which had been demolished more than 30 years earlier, the "imposing" gault brick building has a "palatial" appearance and is a landmark on the seafront.

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“We’ll be in full celebration mode, so I hope many people and organizations come out and share the fun.” As in previous years, Courtenay Rotary and the City of Courtenay will host an appreciation barbeque for planters in Standard Park.

In 2017, the barbeque will be bigger than ever with special cupcakes to commemorate the 50 anniversary year, family crafts, photos with the fire truck, and a Mile of Flowers historical display.