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However Mc Donald’s lawyer denied his client had been involved in the initiation ritual at the Canberra nightclub.‘He was suspended merely because he was a member of the group, but not because he was present at the incident that led to the suspension,’ James Glissan QC said, according to The Australian newspaper.Acting Supreme Court Justice John Neild allowed the testimony by the Australian Federal Police officers about the alleged hazing rituals as Mc Donald’s involvement in the group went to establishing his character.Yesterday the female cadet who Mc Donald filmed while having sex with her told the court that she had suffered serious depression and had considered suicide following the incident.An Australian military cadet, who has been found guilty of filming himself having sex with a female cadet without her knowledge and then broadcasting it on Skype, is alleged to have been involved in a group of military footballers who performed a homoerotic hazing ritual for members.Australian Federal Police told the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court that 21-year-old Australian Defense Force Academy (ADFA) cadet Daniel Mc Donald had been a member of a group that called itself Love Of My Life or LOML, made up of a group of footballers at ADFA, who had performed male-on-male sex acts on each other as part of an initiation rite.**Trigger warning** The Australian Defence Force Academy has been in the headlines in the last week, after an 18-year-old woman cadet went to the press with claims that she had been filmed without her consent having sex with a fellow cadet, and that the footage had been broadcast to several other male cadets at the Academy via Skype.When “Kate” complained to her superiors, her case was ignored, so she went public.

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Daniel Mc Donald, now 21, and Dylan Deblaquiere, 20, went on trial last week after Mc Donald had sex with a fellow military recruit in March 2011 and broadcast it live on Skype to Deblaquiere’s room.She admitted she had consensual sex with Mc Donald and knew she was breaking college fraternisation rules by doing so.