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Actor Writer Singer Filmmaker Political Figure TV Personality Model Comedian Activist Songwriter Poet Business Personality Royalty Artist Rock Musician Political Leader U. There are many things children of the 90s bond over: An irrational fear of getting slimed, a desire to conquer the Aggro Crag, deep-seeded regret at failing to ask for a pair of Moon Shoes for Christmas or Hanukkah.If Spice Girls ever reunite, they could make Ed Sheeran Ginger Spice ... The singer/songwriter visited a radio station in the UK recently, where he hung out with Spice Girls' Emma Bunton -- AKA Baby Spice.In case you didn't know, Emma has her own radio show over in the UK, and Ed was one of her recent guests.Have fun sharing stories and photos...maybe some of you in a diaper?..when you are ready, get together for a bottle and a nap.Sheeran was there to talk about his new singles and forthcoming album , but he also sang a duet with the former Spice Girl: the girl group's song "Goodbye" from their third and final album together, released back in November 2000. If you get me the Union Jack dress, and I'll try and squeeze into it." Totes, Ed.British pop singer/songwriter, actress, model and TV and radio presenter.

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Though many fans have been captivated by just how closely she resembles the animated version of Belle, as a child the actress was more obsessed with whether she looked like another iconic 90s girl."I don't think anyone ever told me that," Watson said about her Belle-like appearance in a sit-down with USA TODAY."My big dilemma, my big trauma as a young woman was I wanted to be Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls," the darling confessed.